The human body is very interesting, but a complicated energy system. All of his organs and cells are among closely related. The human body is also associated with its environment; Man takes ingredients from the environment and processes them. Knowing this, we can consciously provide the body the right ingredients. For achieving a long health should avoid harmful ingredients, such as:

  Herbicide (against weeds, insects)


  Heavy metals


  The elements penetrating into food packaging

  Hormones and antibiotics

Accumulation of these elements in the human body leads to autointoxication
and often to various serious diseases.

Hovever human potential can develop its:

  Nutrition skills


  Proper breathing

  Positive thinking and meditation

  Transfer of information to the next generation

Discontinuation of bad habits and learning new, better ones, with a pinch of patience, will bring visible fruit in the form of healthy hair, nails, skin and eyes brightened.

Economy and Ecology

Nowadays, when one third of people eat meat every day, there is a problem with the violation of the balance of the Earth. This is obviously not the only problem, but largely contributes to this. Destruction of forests aim of setting up the fields and processing of wood, demand food for many animals for slaughter, overproduction of gas (methane), pollution of underground water, soil, overproduction of packaging etc. have a devastating effect on the ecology of the Earth.

Completion of this process begins in each of us individually.

That's why we create systems to be charged this cycle. We grow plants such methods, which consume up to 90% less water compared to traditional methods. This led to a considerable reduction of the consumption of fertilizers. In the case of symbiosis between plants with fish we do not use any fertilizer.

Growing in or around the city (Urban farming) saves fuel and reduces emissions. Method of vertical growing saves space. Own garden eliminates the need for product packaging. Before us is still large space for optimization.


Our intention is to participate in the development of art growing in water, new construction, design and healthy eating. We want to show people new opportunities.