If the people of the Stone Age had stuck only to what seemed possible, we'd still be sitting in caves today.
Stanisław Lem


We design and manufacture innovative forms of plants enabling independent cultivation of different plant species. We also teach our customers about the process of achieving the best results of cultivation. Innovative is a combination of cutting-edge technology of healthy growing plants in a unique design adapted individually to the areas identified by our customers. Our solutions enable the cultivation of healthy and tasty plants anywhere they wish.

Our farming methods do not contain any synthetic hormones or pesticides. Therefore, the results achieved can enjoy both fans of healthy eating, aesthetics lovers and professional breeders.

By systematic researches we constantly improve the knowledge and we can offer you the best.


Securing Customer self-sufficiency in the direction of a self organic food cultivation.

Developing technologies for plants breeding and fish design hydroponics.

Educating in growing organic crops and healthy diet.


Your own vegetables in the kitchen? It's possible! Our top product for the home is a fully automated multi-island kitchen; always handy fresh vegetables throughout the year. We offer unique systems tailored to any size kitchen. Modern and evergreen design. Complementing trends of self-sufficient and intelligent home systems this design also calculates the needs of the whole family.


Reviving the interior of an office, a restaurant or a reception we offer medium-sized systems. Aquaponics cultivation of edible plants is the most organic way to produce food available in the world. Aquponics systems arise from combined with aquarium with fish, crayfish and plants. Restaurateurs can give the plant its own restaurant crop, such as basilica, oregano, arugula, lettuce, strawberries, as well as crayfish. The system is self-contained, which means that the fertilizer is levied on fish and you need only add an automatic feeder.
Scenery of fish and plants affects very positively on the atmosphere in the room and on the psyche of the people.


Self-sufficient houses Following the trends of building self-sustaining smart homes, we design systems calculated to respond to demands of the whole family. The systems can be installed in any room, for example in the basement, under the stairs, as a winter garden, or anywhere the Customer would wish.

Family farms
After the analysis of selected plants, and in the case aquaponics after examination of plants and fish, we choose optimized technologies to achieve maximum results.


  Plants on hand throughout the year

  Plants ready to eat

  Environment without allergens

  Your child learns about plants

  Plants free of herbicides

  Plants without heavy metals

  Up to 90% lower water consumption

  Nitrogen control