Self-sufficient houses

Following trends of building self-sustaining smart homes, we design systems calculated to respond to demand of the whole family in any room, for example in a basement, under stairs, and winter gardens.

All we need to know is which vegetables family prefers, and what the needs are and we will take care of design and execution. 11 m2 of a free space allows for monthly 50 salads, tomatoes, peppers, spinach and herbs, and even melon. We change it so that you will feel like in the garden of NASA! We provide design, visualization, cost estimations, training and service.

What are technological possibilities?

Intelligent lighting system

Automatic plants watering

Automatic water replenishment

Water filtration supporting reverse osmosis

Replacing air filtration

Air ionization

Climate control, automatic control

Storing data to a computer

What plants can I plant?

With this configuration, you can grow almost any kind.

Family farms

After selecting plants by a Client, and in the case of aquaponics plants and fish, we offer the optimized technologies to enable you achievement of maximum results. This is more than a product, it is a complete solution.