Your own vegetables in the kitchen? It's possible!

Our top product for the home is a fully automated multi-island kitchen; always handy fresh vegetables throughout the year. We offer unique systems tailored to any size kitchen. Modern and evergreen design. Complementing trends of self-sufficient and intelligent home systems this design also calculates the needs of the whole family.

Where in your home can you arrange the GrowControl systems?

GrowControl systems have a wide spectrum of arrangement. For example:

  • in a kitchen
  • in a living room
  • in a bathroom
  • in a wardrobe
  • in a basement
  • on a balcony
  • on a terrace

What are technological possibilities?

Intelligent LED lighting

Automatic plants watering

Automatic water replenishment

Integrated kitchen

Possible use of composite materials,
for example Corian®

Any size - from pots along the entire wall

Any kind of housing

Possibility to add such technologies like:

Wireless phone charger

Inherent sound system BOSE

Computer climate control with display
and Bluetooth

Incubator for small plants, sprouter

Which plants can be planted?




  Wild strawberries


  Pak choi


  Chilli peppers




  Lemon balm






  Lamb's lettuce

  Sprouts - any

(young tiny plants planted densely)

  Smaller flowers, including edible flowers