Reviving the interior of an office, a restaurant or a reception we offer medium-sized systems. Aquaponics cultivation of edible plants is the most organic way to produce food available in the world. Aquponics systems arise from combined with aquarium with fish, crayfish and plants. Restaurateurs can give the plant its own restaurant crop, such as basilica, oregano, arugula, lettuce, strawberries, as well as crayfish.

The system is self-contained, which means that the fertilizer is levied on fish and you need only add an automatic feeder.
Scenery of fish and plants affects very positively on the atmosphere in the room and on the psyche of the people.

Where in an office can you deploy the GrowControl systems?


Waiting rooms

Open spaces

Conference rooms



Beauty salons, SPA

Fitness clubs

Car showrooms

Shopping centers

What are technological possibilities?

Intelligent LED lighting

Automatic plants watering

Automatic water replenishment

Composite materials, for example Corian®

Any size - from pots along the entire wall

Any kind of housing

Possible aquaponics systems

Which plants can be planted?




  Wild strawberries

  Chilli peppers






What kind of fish can be grown using aquaculture?

All freshwater fish from natural biotope in the range of pH 5.5 - pH 8 depending on the combination of plants, including cold-water fish European (cultured in aquariums of cold specially tailored to their needs can be raised. In the case of cold water fish, select the kinds, which are able to take food from a feeder , not only live food. They are also suitable certain types of cancers or freshwater shrimp.